The Tour-proven course management system to shoot lower scores.

Tired of never scoring up to your potential? Eliminate guesswork and maximize your potential with the DECADE Course Management System.

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So why DECADE Golf?

Let’s face it. Playing golf without a strategic plan is like playing darts with a blindfold on. You know which direction you’re throwing but just hoping you get lucky and get a good score.

That’s where DECADE Golf comes in. 


WITH Decade

How DECADE Helps Your Golf Game

8,236 active members and counting. From the top five players in the world to 18 handicaps, this system helps golfers make smarter decisions in every round of golf. 


The Training

Learn tried-and-true course management strategies so you can eliminate the mistakes nearly every golfer makes and maximize your potential.

You’ll learn tee shot strategy, putting practice, practical mental game concepts, and all the other tactics that help you gain a DECADE of experience.

  • Video courses walking through the key strategies every golfer should understand.
  • Monthly live calls to get your questions answered and keep your knowledge growing.


The Tools

Stat Tracking:  Two unique methods of stat tracking so you know your strokes gained data and get personalized coaching.

Combines:  Practice and measure your skills.

Yardage Books: High-quality, printable yardage books that give you all the info you need when playing a new course.

Driving Targets:  Plot out your tee shot strategy in just a few seconds as you use our practical software to plan where to aim.


The Results

Hey there! I’m Scott Fawcett, the guy behind the Decade Golf system.

I’ve used my years of experience as a playing professional and consultant to top players in the world to create an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process to help you get these results in your game.

  • I’ll guide you in making smarter decisions on the course, cutting down on costly mistakes.
  • You’ll see more consistency in your game, leading to lower scores and more fun.
  • Together, we’ll strengthen your mental game, boosting your confidence and focus.
  • You’ll get tailored strategies and join a supportive community to keep you motivated and improving.

Watch DECADE in Action

Check out how we’ve helped pros stop leaving shots on the course!

Learn how to think on the course with Fore Play's Frankie Borrelli.

“DECADE Golf is truly, truly an incredible tool; we’re not doing a commercial for the guy, but it works. There’s a reason why everyone uses it.”

Frankie Borrelli
Barstool Sports

Here's how pros use DECADE with Bryan Bros Golf.

“Check out DECADE Golf! Love what he’s doing and honestly, I learned a lot myself.”

George Bryan

Learn the five secrets
to lower scores.

Unlock your lowest scores by understanding the DECADE system.