Meet Scott Fawcett

Scott Fawcett, a former Texas A&M collegiate golfer, knew all too well the sting of unfulfilled potential. Despite making it to the 1999 US Open and playing on the and Hooters Tours, Scott’s professional golf career never quite reached the heights he had envisioned.

But it was in the crucible of that frustration that a spark was ignited. Determined to find the missing piece, Scott embarked on a journey to devise a new strategy that would catapult his game to the next level.

In the face of adversity, Scott Fawcett refused to accept defeat. Instead, he turned his disappointment into an unyielding drive to revolutionize the world of golf. And from that drive, a groundbreaking system was born, changing the game for golfers everywhere.

What does DECADE stand for?

The DECADE Course Management System has solved golf strategy by combining shot distribution patterns and PGA Tour scoring statistics.

When Scott Fawcett combined those two data sets, he created a simple way to optimize target selection. Good players know if a pin is closely guarded by a lake to favor the center of the green – but how much? DECADE quickly generates the optimal target that will produce the lowest score based on distance, hazards, and hole location.

Where did DECADE come from?

In 2013, Scott Fawcett found himself at a crossroads. Having regained his amateur status, he was eager to keep his game sharp for the US Mid-Am. Around the same time, the buzz surrounding Mark Broadie’s groundbreaking book, Every Shot Counts, started to spread like wildfire. Scott caught wind of a few tantalizing excerpts, igniting a curiosity about golf strategy that would change his life and the lives of countless golfers.

With an unrelenting drive to explore the untapped potential of golf strategy, Scott set out on a quest to crack the code. He had a hunch that by blending shot patterns and expectations, he could create a mathematical formula that would solve the enigma of golf strategy once and for all. For months, Scott toiled away, meticulously crafting a spreadsheet that would become the foundation of DECADE.

But as fate would have it, Scott was blindsided by an injury just as he was gearing up to put his theory to the test in the summer of 2014. Undeterred, he found a young, talented junior golfer from his home course to act as his guinea pig. Scott took up the role of caddie, determined to see his revolutionary system in action.

And, boy, did it deliver.

Under Scott’s guidance and armed with the power of DECADE, the junior golfer achieved the unthinkable. He conquered the Texas Amateur and the U.S. Junior, leaving competitors and onlookers alike in awe. This marked the beginning of a new era in golf – an era where DECADE would forever change the game, turning ordinary golfers into extraordinary achievers.

This is the untold story of how Scott Fawcett’s relentless pursuit of golf strategy mastery led to the creation of DECADE – the system that has forever transformed the way golfers approach the game.